International Investors Like the Persian Gulf over Iran’s Caspian Shores


Despite Iran’s Port Authority’s efforts to facilitate investment in marine tourism by the Caspian coast, investors that had gone as far as applying for low-interest government loans have changed their minds and headed south, according to Tehran’s Financial Tribune.

In an interview with Marine News Agency, Abdolkarim Razzazan, a former official of Ports and Maritime Organization, said PMO has taken steps in recent years to develop marine tourism in Iran’s northern waters, but evidently, investors are not swayed.

“Marine tourism in the southern regions is growing rapidly,” he said, adding that Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization and other related entities must cooperate to help develop this important subcategory of tourism in the north and the south.

Our Take

Local and foreign investors prefer to invest in the Persian Gulf regions and islands rather than the Caspian Sea due to the latter’s poor conditions.

These key concerns include severely underdeveloped infrastructure (hotels restaurants), low demand during cold months and poor access from major northern urban centers including Tehran.

Moreover the scope for development by the Caspian Sea in Iran in recent years is far more complicated due to issues including low-rise over development and poor infrastructure in the area to support further redevelopment.


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