Tehran’s Hadid-designed Fereshteh Pasargad Hotel Rises


Image Credit: Instagram

Iran’s most promising hotel project since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the Fereshteh Pasargad Hotel has nearly reached ground level according to the latest pictures released from the site.

Fereshteh Pasargad Hotel is located in the north of Tehran in the Elahieh neighborhood, facing the west side of Russian embassy’s garden.

The design of the hotel was originally created by British-Iraqi Zaha Hadid, before her untimely demise. As one of the most promising hotel concepts of her late career, the Fereshteh/Elahieh hotel may be one of her most ambitious projects in her career.

According to the latest photos from the construction site, 17 basement floors are now fully completed, with 10 floors dedicated to parking, according to the original plan from 2010.


The complex is being developed on a 4,575 square meter area and includes over 105,000 square meters total area with a height of 160 meters over 46 floors.

It will consist of parking on 10 floors, commercial and office spaces with conference halls and crafts stores on 7 floors, 3 floors for mechanical and electrical uses, amusement centers and restaurants on 4 floors, 1 floor for a lobby and 30 floors of five-star hotel accommodation.

No international hotel chain has publicly expressed an interest in the site yet, but as sanctions continue to roll away from the Iranian economy, one of the several firms could quickly take over the world-class hotel segment of the site.

The entire complex is expected to be fully completed by 2018, according to current estimates of the site.

Our Take

The prospect of a Zaha Hadid hotel in the Iranian capital marks a significant change in gear of future hotel projects in the Islamic Republic — It also sets the bar for other projects in Tehran much higher.

It also poses an interesting question on where this project will leave many foreign firms looking for top-end sites in the Iranian capital to re-establish their position in this large untapped market.


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